Intravenous Techno

It’s dark, there are people all around you, the beat is relentless, calling you to join in..

Open yourself, feel the sound in every cell of your body..

Let your emotions flow freely, forming pictures, blending memories…

And dance….dance with your heart open, give your energy to all. To everything.

And you will receive in abundance, love and appreciation of your unique gifts..always

We love you.

Genreaction XII

Putting together a mix that takes you on a journey is what we aim to create with the Genreaction series. Being able to blend together tunes from a range of genres feels like perfecting a recipe. Using slightly different ingredients can awaken senses and arouse memories and feelings which flow throughout your body.

This 1.5 hour adventure includes a few twists and turns but centres around strong basslines and minimal beats while providing glimpses of euphoria as we journey from valleys to peaks and back again.

We love sharing the pure joy we get from mixing with you all. Thanks for all your support and comments – enjoy the trip!

Genreaction XII by Orkist on Mixcloud